5 Reasons Renting a Moving Truck Isn’t the Best Way to Move

It’s inevitable; you’re going to move. Maybe you’ve found the perfect home for sale in the next town over or gotten a big promotion that requires you to relocate. Whatever your reason for moving, you’re now taxed with the choice of hiring a moving company or renting a moving truck. Before you decide that a moving truck is your best choice, check out these five reasons why renting a moving truck is not the best way to move.

1. Hidden Inconvenience

The average American will move 11.4 times in his or her life. For many of these people, their moving dates will fall at the end of the month, on a weekend day, and during the summer. Renting a truck during any of these times can prove rather difficult, costly, and sometimes impossible. Although many truck rental companies offer reservations, it’s not uncommon to see those reservations overlooked or blatantly ignored. A rental truck may seem easy and convenient, but moving will only be more difficult if you cannot secure a truck to move with.

2. Hidden Fees

Compared to moving services, renting a truck may seem like a bargain. However, it’s important to note that many truck rental services only include base rental fees in their advertisements. Charges that typically aren’t advertised include mileage fees, fuel costs, and basic liability insurance. Be aware that if the truck gets damaged, the rental company holds you personally responsible. U-Haul recommends buying damage coverage to protect against mishaps while on the road.

3. The Dangers of Heavy Lifting

If you are not properly trained to lift heavy items such as furniture, it is very easy to injure yourself. Back and knee injuries are the most common when lifting and pulling heavy objects, but it’s also easy to break fingers and toes. If you choose to rent a moving truck, you will be responsible for all of the heavy lifting. However, by hiring a moving company, you can avoid potential injuries by letting the professional do the job correctly.

4. More Hazards of Heavy Lifting

In addition to the risk of personal injury, it is not uncommon to see your favorite items broken when renting a moving truck. Because movers are trained and have the proper tools to move heavy and delicate items, they can better ensure that your property remains safe and secure. The money saved by renting a moving truck will be pointless if something expensive or irreplaceable is broken in the process of moving.

5. Unsafe Vehicles

Last but not least, you should carefully consider the mechanical condition of the moving truck you’re looking to rent. If you decide to rent a moving truck, you should always ask to see the maintenance records. Ensure that the vehicle you’ll be driving has been serviced recently and is not likely to break down in the middle of your trip. This is an especially important consideration if you are moving a long distance.

All in all, renting a moving truck may seem like the best bang for your buck, but it doesn’t come without risks. Consider your options carefully and remember, moving companies are staffed by trained professionals that will ensure your belongings make it from point A to point B safely.

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