5 Strategies for Talking to Your Kids About Moving to a New City

Major changes are difficult for the best of us, so it’s easy to understand why preparing a child for a big move can be a scary proposition. It is possible, however, to help your children smoothly relocate to a new city.

Here are five strategies for talking to your kids that can assist you in getting ready for the big move.

1. Cultivate Open Communication

Communication is crucial to a successful move. Informing your children early on in the moving process allows them to become fully accustomed to the idea of a move. To communicate the initial news of a move, find a calm, unrushed time to share. Be open to any questions your child may have. Keep your answers honest, but age appropriate. Simple explanations are best for younger children. Remember that open communication is vital to every step of the moving process.

2. Allow for Honest Emotions

A change as significant as a move will surely evoke a large range of emotions in your child. As a parent, you have the opportunity to assist them in navigating those emotions healthily and productively. Don’t be afraid of emotions your children will have, instead invite them to express them by asking them how they are doing. Be patient with your child and the many emotions they might express. Grant them permission to own all of their feelings and help them find ways to express those feelings in productive ways. Books are an effective tool for younger children to express emotions they may otherwise be unable to identify.

3. Be Purposeful in Packing

When boxing up the house, involve your children as much as possible. This grants them ownership in the process. Cheap Movers New York City says to consider packing up your child’s room last. Keeping their familiar belongings accessible as long as possible can provide some needed security.

4. Plan Thoughtful Goodbyes

Saying goodbye can be the most difficult part of moving. Give thought to intentional ways your children can make significant memories with family and friends. You and your children could create a “Bucket List” of important people and places they’d like to see before moving. Allow your children to use their creativity and make a journal for friends to write special messages and contact information so they can keep in touch. You can also host a going-away party for them to say goodbye to all their friends and loved ones.

5. Welcoming New Adventures

After the goodbyes, there will be hellos to brand new adventures that await you and your children. Remind your children that the coming move will bring excitement as you explore a new city. Take time with the kids before the move and use the internet to investigate your new city. Make a list of the places you’d like to visit together once you arrive. Once you are in your new home, get to know your new neighbors. Walk next door as a family and introduce yourselves.

Moving is hard. You will put a lot of effort into making sure your belongings arrive safely in your new city. Take the time and effort required to ensure your children make the transition successfully too. You can ease the transition for your children as you move to a new city, it just requires some intentional preparation.

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