How to Move a Pool Table Across the Country

A pool table is an important and expensive piece of furniture in one’s house. If you are looking to move a pool table across the country, some steps should be followed. If care is not taken, the table can be easily damaged. People can get hurt in the process of moving, and the structure of the house can be damaged as well. You can avoid all of these things with a few pointers from a top-rate pool table mover.


A pool table should not be moved without first removing some pieces. You may think it might be easy to maneuver a complete table around doorways, but that is certainly not the case. Legs felt, and the slate should all be removed before moving the table. With all of these items, taking lots of pictures and labeling things is key. Don’t think that you will remember how all of the parts go together.

The felt can be tricky to remove without damage. If it is time for new felt, simply rip off the old felt. Otherwise, carefully take out staples so that the felt does not get ripped in the process.

The slate is one of the heaviest parts of the table. Make sure that you remove it carefully and with help. Great Guys Moving emphasizes the importance of wrapping and protecting the slate during transport. Even a small chip out of the slate could affect the surface of the table and how balls roll on it. They can also help you find a reputable cross-country moving company for the job.


Protection is extremely important during this phase. All sections of the table need to be equally protected. A few blankets will not suffice. Use plenty of moving blankets and ensure everything is adequately protected. Everything should be secure in the moving truck that is moving the table; this is the best way to move heavy furniture like a pool table long distance. This should be periodically checked throughout the journey.


Once at the new location, take care to get the table and all parts into place. Reassembly should be done slowly and methodically. The time you spend doing this right will ensure a table that is level and playable for years.

Once the legs are installed, and the table is upright, the put the slate on. Most any floor will not be level, so take care to get the slate and table perfectly level before proceeding. Once this is done, seams and screw holes should be filled in with melted wax.

Finally, the felt and rails get installed. Again, take your time and do this right. You do not want to have any bumps in your new felt.

A pool table can be difficult to move. If doing it yourself, take time to research and prepare. Get the right tools for the job and solicit help from several people. If looking to have it moved professionally, get several quotes and hire the most reputable mover you can find. Don’t assume any moving company can move your pool table properly.

In no time at all, you will be enjoying a game of pool in the new location.

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