How Much Are You Supposed to Tip Your Movers?

Moving to a new home can be stressful, and having movers take care of the bulk of the work can make the experience much more pleasant. While tipping your movers isn’t strictly required, it’s a good-faith gesture that shows your appreciation for their help. Here’s a guide for how much you’re supposed to tip your movers, and when to tip them.

How Much to Tip Your Movers

Consider how long it will take to pack up your items and have them taken to your new property. A small van of boxes is one thing, but a huge truck full of furniture and other large goods is another thing entirely. If you’re making a huge move across town, then consider tipping up to $20 for each member of the moving team. For a smaller job – perhaps with one van that’s not traveling very far – you might want to tip five percent of the total cost estimate that they gave you when you booked their services. The nice thing to do is to tip each mover individually. Don’t just hand over cash to the supervisor – and make sure that you do have cash on hand so that you can tip.

When to Tip Your Movers

Tip your movers at the end of the job, once everything’s been delivered to your new property and you’re ready to take over and unpack your things. Think about how they performed throughout the day (or days). If they completed the move more quickly than you expected, moved large, bulky items through narrow corridors or stairs without complaint, or transported your items cross country, then a tip is especially warranted. Simply put, if they go above and beyond for you, then a tip is the right thing to do.

Think about Covering Lunch – and Coffee

The movers you’ve hired to help you out are going to be working hard all day to make sure that the job is done right. In the morning, it’s a nice gesture to make or pick up coffee for your moving team. Around lunchtime, offer to provide lunch. Whether it’s homemade sandwiches or food picked up from a local cafe or restaurant, they’ll appreciate the effort you’re making for them. You should also make sure you have bottles of water on hand for them to drink throughout the day, as moving is hard work!

Tipping Your Movers – It’s the Right Thing to Do

Movers work hard in all kinds of weather to make sure that everything is neatly packed up, delivered safely to a new location, and brought inside as quickly as possible. Whether it’s snowing, raining, or just plain hot outside, they’ll still get the job done and take some of the hassles out of your move. Make sure that you recognize their hard work and tip them for a job well done, and you might find that they’ll be more than willing to help with your next move, even if it’s years away.

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